Welcome To My Tiki Tour

Kia Ora, welcome to my Summer Tiki Tour in this tour we will be going to Maturi bay because it’s a nice relaxing campsite to wake up to hearing the waves hit the sand and the birds chirping. Next we will be visiting haruru falls dairy because it’s an amazing dairy that has everything you could imagine. Then we’ll be visiting Paihia beach because its an amazing beach to meet people or if you’re a kid make knew friends. Next we’ll be stopping to get a calippo because they’re so yum and they come in so many different flavours. Then we’ll be stopping at Urupukapuka island because it’s an amazing beautiful quite island with almost 0 pests. Next we drive all the way to 90 mile beach and go for a swim and play in the waves. Next we drive to Te Kauri for another swim and also go look for some rock pools. Lastly we’ll go get some dinner a Jimmy Jacks over in Paihia because that is my favourite restaurant in Paihia. 

P.S. Didn’t know if I wrote one sentence for each stop in my Tiki Tour or, just one sentence for the whole thing sorry. 🙂

Have you ever been on a tour before?

4 thoughts on “Welcome To My Tiki Tour

  1. Kia ora Ashlyn,

    It’s Charlotte here, a blog commenter for Manaiakalani. Great work on the Tiki Tour activity. I love this activity because I get to see parts of New Zealand that I haven’t seen before!

    Wow, you have a big trip planned for your Tiki Tour and it sounds amazing! How many days would you need for such an awesome trip?
    Maturi Bay looks beautiful, I noticed that you said you visit Maturi Bay often, what is your favourite thing to do there?

    I haven’t been to Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack before but I’d love to check it out! What do you recommend ordering?

    Ngā Mihi Nui
    Charlotte Visser
    Summer Learning Journey

  2. Kia Ora Ashlyn, I am Patrick from St Francis of Assisi Catholic School in Christchurch.

    Wow, your Tiki tour is really nice! Yes, I have been on a tour before. Matter of fact I did it in Paihia. I did the GreatSights tour up to Cape Reinga. On that tour we got to do sand boarding on the sandy hills. When I stayed down in Paihia, the Haruru falls diary was just down the road. I also did another tour in Paihia, and that was the ocean tour that included seeing the hole in the rock. We also stopped at Urupukapuka Island!

    Have you been on a GreatSights tour before? I know I have!


  3. Kia ora Ashlyn,
    WOW! I loved your Tiki Tour! As you know I have been to all the places you described, and like you I have so many fond memories of all the special beaches. I was smiling the whole time I was reading your tour. Rieko likes stopping at the Haruru Falls dairy on Fridays after I pick him up from daycare. We call it ‘ice cream Friday’.
    Do you think you will be doing this ‘Tiki Tour’ this Summer with your whanau? If so, I can’t wait to hear about it. Keep up the Fabulous blog posts. Ka mau te wehi.
    Whaea Ronnie

  4. Hi Ashlyn,

    I’m Helena from Glen Taylor School and just reading through this amazed me and I also learnt a lot of new things.What was your favourite thing do in Maturi Bay?

    Nice Work

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